Welcome to Cubby's Cookies!!!

"CUBBY'S COOKIES" originated in the South Pacific aboard the U.S. NAVY Battleship, USS Tennessee during WWII.  Today, these tasty cookies are still made with the same ingredients you would use at home, just the way Cubby did it himself.

So, who is "Cubby"?  C.L. "Cubby" Hood was a baker in Uncle Sam's Navy during WWII.  While baking on the battleship USS Tennessee, his home-style baking reminded the crew of 2500 of everything their mothers would bake
from bread and rolls, pies and cakes to his famous Legendary Cookies!

"Cubby's Cookies" were available around the clock from watch to watch.  From the Commander, who relished his "favorites", to every sailor, whether in a gun turret, radio room, sick bay or just swabbin' the decks, "Cubby's Cookies" were a daily staple.

Today, Cubby's daughter and son-in-law, Vikki and Bob O'Donnell, of Denver, Colorado,
are carrying on the tradition of baking his incredible assortment.

In addition, all of our baked goods follow along the same path set forth by Cubby himself of using only the best ingredients,
flavorings and extracts and were developed keeping these principles in mind.

Each day we produce Cookies, Biscotti, Brownies, Fudge, Candy and Snack Items, all, we are sure will tempt your taste buds!

Be sure to read Cubby's Story and view some of the pictures from his personal photo album.  For some who have visited Cubby's Cookies website, it has been a trip down memory lane.  For others, such as the children of fallen service men and women who so valiantly gave their lives for us, it reminded them of their loved ones.
Some have learned what the inside of the battleship USS Tennessee looked like and maybe just a little bit of life
during WWII, just by looking at the photos.
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